Business Model

Revenue sources

The Caribbean Medical Journal aims to limit and eliminate out of pocket expenses paid by the authors. The financing of the Caribbean Medical Journal’s policy to provide open access to all published articles relies on a business model that utilizes advertising on the journal’s homepage banner as well as from the organization’s (Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association) e-newsletter, which is separate from the journal’s published content. Revenue will compensate the journal’s expenses such as those arising from journal production and archiving, or online hosting. 

Advertisement and sponsorship 

The advertising policy of the Caribbean Medical Journal is guided by the recommendations of the ICMJE. The journal should not be dominated by advertisements, and advertising must not be allowed to influence editorial decisions.

The journal should prohibit selling advertisements juxtaposed with editorial content on the same product. Advertisements would be clearly identifiable as advertisements. Editors have full and final authority for approving online advertisements and for enforcing advertising policy.

The  journal should not carry advertisements for products proven to be seriously harmful to health. Editors should ensure that existing regulatory or industry standards for advertisements specific to their country are enforced, or develop their own standards. The interests of organizations or agencies should not control classified and other nondisplay advertising, except where required by law. Editors consider all criticisms of advertisements for publication.

Direct Marketing

Caribbean Medical Journal does not engage in any direct marketing currently.