Editorial Team

Title First Name Surname Specialty Email Affiliation
T&TMA Editorial Committee
Professor Hariharan Seetharamanan Editor in Chief [email protected] UWI
Dr Darren Dookeeram Managing Editor [email protected] T&TMA
Dr Loren De Freitas Deputy Editor [email protected] NCRHA
CMJ Honorary Editorial Committee
Professor Surujpal Teelucksingh Endocrinology [email protected]
Professor Vijay Naraynsingh Vascular Surgery [email protected]
Professor Samuel Ramsewak OBGYN [email protected]
Professor Terrence Seemungal Pulmonology [email protected]
Dr Solaiman Juman Otolaryngeology [email protected]
Dr Rasheed Adam Neurosurgery [email protected]
Dr Rohan Maharaj Family Medicine [email protected]
Professor Sureshwar Panday Pharmacy [email protected]
CMJ Editorial Board
Editor in Chief Hariharan Seetharamanan Critical Care [email protected]
Managing Editor Darren Dookeeram Emergency Medicine [email protected]
Deputy Editor Loren De Freitas Health Services Research [email protected]
Senior Editor Siva Sreenivasan Acute Medicine [email protected]
Senior Editor Reginald King Emergency Medicine [email protected]@hotmail.com
Senior Editor Delamo Bekele Rheumatology [email protected]
Senior Editor Keevan Singh Critical Care [email protected]
Senior Editor Shana Burrowes Infectious Disease [email protected]
Senior Editor Satyendra Persad Urology [email protected]
Graphics Editor Keegan Baney IT [email protected] T&TMA
Systems Admin Kiran Bhagaloo IT [email protected]
IT management Zoria Ogunsheye IT [email protected]
Design Manager Irfan Ali IT [email protected]
Social Media Editor Daniella Sasaki Communications [email protected]
Social Media Assistant Kareema Ali Endocrinology [email protected]
Assistant Editor Sunita Sudama Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Damion Basdeo Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Dana Forde Emergency Medicine [email protected]
Assistant Editor Richard Ramsingh Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Jeremiah James Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Rashida Daisley Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Lynn-Marie Lovell Emergency Medicine [email protected]
Assistant Editor Ronnie Roopnarine Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Saleem Kamalodeen Resident [email protected]
Assistant Editor Sulaha Mohammed Public Health [email protected]
Reflections Editor Sandhya Maharaj Resident [email protected]
Patient Editor Sophia Salmon Health Educator [email protected]
Patient Editor Anilya Hosein Educator [email protected]
Patient Editor Fazeer Mohammed Journalist [email protected]
Senior Copyeditor Navida Bachan Researcher [email protected]
Copyeditor Dwithi Hariharan Environmental studies [email protected]
Copyeditor Rol-J Williams Biochemistry [email protected]
Copyeditor Jamila Bass Student [email protected]
Copyeditor Keegan Mohammed Student [email protected]
Quality Manager Janelle Alexander Quality Manager [email protected]
Marketing Manager Sumit Verma Health Management [email protected]
Legal Manager Priya Chankadyal Legal [email protected]
Database Manager Shane Charles Resident [email protected]
Project Manager Kenrick Burke Project manager [email protected]
Special Projects Andre Earl Resident [email protected]
T&TMA Vishi Beharry President [email protected]

Competing interests: none of the editorial team members have any competing interests

 Contact information

The editorial office can be contacted at the following:

Email: Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Telephone No: (868)-671-7378 or (868)-671-5160